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DNAngel video game screencaps

02:32 pm November 26th, 2008

Ok...so with nearly every anime, there's a video game for it. That's right folks, there's a DNAngel video game, and it's been beaten.

Throughout the game, we took pics of some of the moments because I couldn't stop LOLing let alone I couldn't believe it. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand what was going on (it's Japanese...what'd you expect?), but God...some of the video game progress pics were just hilarious.

Yes, this is going to be a public post because it's x-posted to compound_club X3

Yes...this is real folks!Collapse )

And that's everything folks X3 Back to your regularly planned day XD;

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The weekend report!

09:49 pm April 3rd, 2008

Ok, so I'm finally getting to it. This post is NOT F-locked since it's a con report, however, I'm not linking it to anywhere since I really didn't do much con wise and this is more based around what I did during the weekend. Pics are at the end of the report, however, since there are 20+ pics, there is a warning due to the fact the pics are going to load regardless of what LJ-cut you click on.


Wednesday~!Collapse )

Thursday~!Collapse )

Friday~!Collapse )

Saturday~!Collapse )

Sunday~!Collapse )

Monday~!Collapse )

Tuesday...Collapse )

Ok! Now that I've gotten that done...

Onto the pics!Collapse )

Ok...I think that's everything XD;; Now I'm going to go cut my fingers off...itai...~~

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FWA 2008 Funnies and Pics!

08:39 pm February 19th, 2008

As promised, I've got my pics uploaded, but they'll come after my "funnies".

Why funnies? Well, I remembered this stuff after the fact of writing my minuscule con report, and I don't feel like editing that post XD;

Elevator funny:
Well, as the con's elevator filled up, Dark and I were near the back. This 1 guy goes "There should be snozberry wall paper in here!" and later goes "If I had an elevator, I'd have snozberry wall paper!"

I nearly LOLed XD Yay for Willy Wonka!

Super Smash Bros funny:
As the tournament rolled on, the guy running it had disappeared. One of the matches had ended, and we had to find the guy running it to clock the winner. I didn't know until a little later (actually looked at the guy's badge) that the guy's actual "name" was Jackal. So what happened? The greatest Family Guy lines that I have to the GetBackers video I posted a while back. I couldn't help but follow along and finish the whole thing XD There was serious LOLing to be had X3

And now...what you've been waiting for...

NOTES: Not dail-up friendly. There are also NO smart-ass captions for the pics. Not in any particular order either They're backwards; the pics I took first are at the bottom, so the pics "start" at the end of the parade (because I'm a lazy ass and don't wanna put them in the right order XP). Also, they're in the (more than likely) original picture size...if not, then photobucket resized them to whatever...

The 60 pics are all under here!Collapse )

I can't wait for next year's FWA X3 I'll actually be able to run around in my Suicune fursuit ♥

MISC NOTE: There's a random pic in there where I fucked up and took a pic of a guy (in a green shirt) and a girl next to him (in a black leather jacket)...believe it or not, she's the girl I went against in the SSBB tournament, and he's the guy that actually WON the tournament XD! Yes...I just now looked through all my pics closely.

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Broken images?

11:51 pm February 18th, 2008

Alright, so I've reorganized my photobucket.

So I've got a TON of broken images XD; Previous to this post, they're mostly all broken. I'm not going to worry about fixing them; however, if there's an image you DO want me to fix, comment here with the name and date of the post so I know roughly what image it is/was.

From this post forward though, there will be NO BROKEN IMAGES! Only images previous to this post.

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WTF?! o.O

04:22 pm January 18th, 2008

Who is your inner CLAMP character?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Fai

You’re kinda like Fai from Tsubasa! Flamboyant, charismatic maybe a little bit tricky, you don't like letting anyone get too close to you, but you have no problem playing around and having a good time. Generally, your intentions are good – or so you’d like everyone to believe, but it’s quite possible that you have a darker side to you that you have become extremely good at hiding. Just remember that there are people around you that love you. More than you even know…























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Animazement 2007 Con Report and Pics

02:19 pm June 1st, 2007

Sorry it's taken me forever to do it, but I'm still sick. Yet, since I'm feeling a bit better, I figured I'd get my con report up and my pics up as I had promised to a few of my friends. I apologize ahead of time if my pics are a little fuzzy or if they have red eye...I'm no "official" photographer, but I do my best.


Onto the con report!Collapse )

Sorry my report is short; I've been sick and it's a bit foggy in my mind about what all I did. But you're probably just here for the pics, so here they are:

Only of the .hack//shoot and the Tsubasa stuff...and the misc stuff!Collapse )

Sorry, only a few have sayings under them...it's just to explain it XD; That's all I have. It's not much, but oh well!

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Hey .hack// fans!

03:12 am May 23rd, 2007

I've been a part of this site for a while, and as part of a quest, it asks to put a banner/sig up. The sig/banner wasn't made by me, but of someone from Altimit Corp. Just click on the banner, and it'll take ya to the site! Be careful though, the path you choose, could influence your experience!

And if you sign up, there's a spot that asks for who referred you. Just put "Utai-Mitsumo" (without quotes) in the spot. I mean, you should know by now that's the name I use XD;

BTW! The reason the banner is of Moon Tree...well, that's because that's the guild I belong to X3

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I hate this weather...

10:26 am November 21st, 2006

It's FUCKING cold...it's FUCKING raining...Mom's BITCHING again. I want warmth! *RAWR*

We have no fire for the next 2 weeks because the gas company is too busy heating up their own asses at least 2 weeks behind on deliveries. I only have to suffer for one more day because I'll be where there's a friggin' fire that WORKS. My feet are like ice >>;

The wind is blowing...at least 20 mph+, and it's just making everything MISERABLE!

I still need to pack for tomorrow/the week...and I won't be able to go to bed until around 8 pm since I have to go to Mrs. Lorraine's somewhere between 6:30 pm and 7 pm...then I have to take a shower (and I'm going to use ALL the hot water >O) so I'm clean...knowing me that'll take an hour (maybe 45 minutes...but close enough). I still need to do other shit before I leave tomorrow >>;

Oh yeah, make a list of what you want me to bring because if I don't pack it when you wanted me to, I forgot because there was no list~!

Can't we tell that SOMEONE'S just a bit PISSED OFF?!

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AWA Con Report!

08:49 pm September 25th, 2006

This is going to be kinda long, so it's all going under an LJ-cut.

Remember, this is what I did the whole weekend so a lot was missed (like panels and such), but I figured everyone would like to know what I was up to.

I only took 2 pictures the whole weekend since it would've been too much of a hassle on Saturday to carry around a camera. I'll post the 2 I took later, and I'm searching for pics of our DNAngel cosplay and the photoshoot...so I'll have those pictures at a later date.


I got talked into this convention...Collapse )

That's more or less what went on the whole weekend. I'll have pics up of everything probably by the end of the week. Keep an eye out!

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